Alan Dyson


Artist - Game of Thrones, Atlas Games


Alan Dyson is a graduate of the American Academy of Art and is based northwest of Chicago. Alan recently had a drawing featured in the official Game of Thrones Compendium. Alan’s primary medium is mostly pencil, but has ventured out into the digital world experimenting with Corel Painter. And one of those digital paintings has been included in the art book The Journal an ArtOrder  Invitational  curated by Jon Schindehette. Over the years, Alan has contributed to interior artwork for RPG (role-playing game) books with clients such as Atlas Games, Emerald City Expeditions, MonkeyGod Enterprises, Pandahead Games, Mystic Eye Games, Sovereign Press, Fastforward Entertainment, Fantasy Flight Games to name a few. Alan has also contributed artwork to Eric M. Cooper’s (3) Knight Seeker novels. Alan has also worked on several of the sketch card series sets for Bench Warmer trading cards – with one of the models featured being Playboy model of the Year 2007 Sara Underwood. Alan also had the rare chance to be commissioned by actor Jerry Maren (the lollipop kid) from the iconic movie Wizard of Oz.

Arizona 2019 | January 11-12-13

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