Bow Ties Are Cool




Bow Ties Are Cool is a podcast/youtube video series created in January of 2019 by Amy Pond* and Rose Tyler* not only out of their love for Doctor Who, but also because they found a lot of concepts they felt were very relatable not only to themselves, but to anyone struggling with how to figure out how to navigate what it means to be an adult no matter their individual circumstance. 
The true founding idea for Bow Ties Are Cool was truly about addressing the fact that “adulting” is hard for some, especially those with creative tendencies. Amy, a married, mother of two little girls, works as a fine artist, selling paintings professionally, while Rose is a talented writer as well as model and actress. 
Both women are and always have been drawn toward creative endeavors, finding it truly important to stay in touch with one’s inner child. So, Bow Ties Are Cool is a way for both Amy and Rose to address what it is to be a creative adult, whether you are married, a mother, or navigating the world of dating in a world so heavily influenced by social media. 
Together, they felt their different lifestyles could appeal to a lot of people in circumstances similar with the goal of making it as relatable for as many people as they could appeal to. 
Structurally, using a quote/concept/moment from the Doctor Who reboot, the hope was to take wonderful and poignant lessons from the show and apply them to life in a way that others could find relatable to their own experiences. 
All of the content is available on their website, as well as available on Apple Podcasts. 
For ACE Seattle 2019, the format will differ due to the fact that conventions like ACE truly highlight the idea that being young at heart is something wonderful and worth embracing. Both Amy and Rose are so very grateful for ACE for providing such an outlet where so many can truly embrace this concept!
*Aliases used out of respect to both hosts’ family/friends mentioned in the show.*

Arizona 2019 | January 11-12-13

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