Brick King


Brick King offers new/used Lego items ranging from Lego Minifigures, Lego Sets and custom minifigures.

This dream started about six years ago when I went to a store to find some Lego items for my son at the time who was three and all he wanted was the little Lego character inside the expensive set. After doing some research and sourcing just the minifigure, I found this is what most parents go through. So then I reached out to the local Lego shops to find that most minifigures were pretty spendy based on rarity and demand. It was at this moment I realized I need to pass on the savings to the parents who were just like me. I started buying collections and sorting through them, piecing out minifigure items and building each minifigure how it was produced. We offer these minifigures for one flat rate across the board. Granted there may be a minifigure I want to keep, so I mark it up a little higher, but that’s because I want to keep it.
On top of all that, I had customers asking me for specific minifigures that Lego has never made. From there I sourced “Custom Minifigures” and we now offer over one thousand of those. Our business is family owned and family ran. Whether we are doing a local comic-con event or putting a local school district Family Lego Night, the family is right by my side helping out. I couldn’t do what I do without them. The best part of this business is doing it the right way. Not gouging people, but rather building a relationship of trust from retailer to customer.

Arizona 2019 | January 11-12-13

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