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Morgan Gendel is a screenwriter, producer author and futurist with 250 produced credits, including The 100; Law & Order; Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space 9; Drop Dead Diva and The Dresden Files. He is perhaps best known as writer of “The Inner Light,” the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode that earned him the Hugo Award for Science Fiction Writing and was recently called by The Hollywood Reporter, Trek’s most beloved story.” He recently published his debut novel, PLANET 6, about a futuristic police force keeping order on an Earth colony on the brink of war. He is currently developing two sci-fi series with companies in the US and Europe. As a futurist, Gendel has been short-listed for a NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts grant for Habolith, a portable transformable habitat he conceived for use on Mars and the moon. He has given talks on the connectome, the map of the human brain, as an outgrowth of his concept for “The Inner Light,” in which Capt. Picard has imbedded into his brain the permanent memories of another man’s life on a dying planet.

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Arizona 2019 | January 11-12-13

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