Midwest Exhibitors

  1. SharpComics (Authorized CGC Signature Series Witness & Facilitation)
    SharpComics (Authorized CGC Signature Series Witness & Facilitation)


    SharpComics is Illinois' premier retailer for high grade, collectible comic books and magazines. 

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  2. Bad Aura
    Bad Aura


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  3. Bearded Artist
    Bearded Artist


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  4. c-z caricature
    c-z caricature

    We are Chicago's PREMIER entertainment couple!

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  5. Christine Chang Illustration
    Christine Chang Illustration


    Illustrator/ Full-time mom /Artist in residence for @girlsdrawingirls Prints on Etsy @ christinechang.

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  6. Cory Smith Art
    Cory Smith Art


    Hi, my names Cory Smith and I am a free lance pencil artist

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  7. D Whitaker Ink
    D Whitaker Ink


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  8. Damsel in this Dress
    Damsel in this Dress


    Damsel in this Dress was started by Me (Michelle Thorstrom) in 2004 after I had already been making and selling renaissance costumes on ebay for about 3 years, since I was 16.

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  9. Fangirl Frames
    Fangirl Frames


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  10. Gem City Books
    Gem City Books
    Gem City Books sells graphic novels, Manga and more! 
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  11. GinGee Girls Art
    GinGee Girls Art


    Sunshine has been creating Art for over 20 years.

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  12. Grreat Entertainment
    Grreat Entertainment

    We are Ron & Tige Gould, a small trade show business that is a merger of two fantastic business’ in 2009

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  13. GSM Charity Auctions in benefit for CBLDF
    GSM Charity Auctions in benefit for CBLDF



    GSM Auctions provides a great selection of framed memorabilia and autographs to help raise money for Comic Book Legal Defense Fund in a silent auction. Place a bid each day to help support CBLDF's important First Amendment work!

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  14. Hand Over the Hero
    Hand Over the Hero
    To make people smile and bring high quality original artwork to personalize their things like laptops, cars, water bottles, etc at a reasonable price.
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  15. Hand Painted Nerd
    Hand Painted Nerd

    Hand painted ceramic mugs and such with a nerdy flair!
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  16. Herofied


    Welcome to Herofied. I'm Rob Taylor and I suffer from creativity overload.

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  17. In My Parents Basement
    In My Parents Basement
    To provide unique products at an affordable price while bringing a smile to the face of our customers!
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  18. Ink Fusion Tattoo Empire
    Ink Fusion Tattoo Empire


    Where the Worlds of Tattooing and Pop Culture Collide

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  19. Jason Palmer Art
    Jason Palmer Art
    Best known for his Illustration art of Firefly, Star Wars, Once upon a Time and Indiana Jones.
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  20. Kitsch and Crossbones
    Kitsch and Crossbones

    Facebook @KitschAndCrossbones

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  21. More Me Know
    More Me Know


    More Me Know started in 2008, because I was tired of people mispronouncing my last name. Art has and always will be a huge part of my life. I have always loved the idea of wearable art and yeah, buying an expensive painting and hanging it on your wall is cool, but being able to buy something affordable and showing it off...Now that's even cooler!

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  22. Planet Awesome Collectibles
    Planet Awesome Collectibles


    Bosslogic is coming to ACE Comic Con Midwest presented by Planet Awesome Collectibles

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  23. Propcustomz


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  24. Snowy Wings Publishing
    Snowy Wings Publishing


    Snowy Wings Publishing is an independent, author-driven publisher of Middle Grade, Young Adult and New Adult fiction

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  25. Toynk


    Buy Collectibles, Toys, Costumes and More at Toynk.com

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  26. USS Chiberia
    USS Chiberia

    The USS Chiberia is an Official Chapter of STARFLEET, The International Star Trek Fan Association. (sfi.org)

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  27. USS Wisconsin
    USS Wisconsin

    The USS Wisconsin is an Official Chapter of STARFLEET, The International Star Trek Fan Association. (sfi.org)

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Arizona 2019 | January 11-12-13

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