Previously Confirmed Exhibitors

Northeast Exhibitors

  1. JSA (James Spence Authentication)
    JSA (James Spence Authentication)


    Any item backed by JSA is instantly marketable, enhancing its maximized value and making the item easier to sell to a potential buyer. 

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  2. SharpComics (Authorized CGC Signature Series Witness & Facilitation)
    SharpComics (Authorized CGC Signature Series Witness & Facilitation)


    SharpComics is Illinois' premier retailer for high grade, collectible comic books and magazines. 

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  3. Doctor Who The TARDIS **EXPERIENCE**
    Doctor Who The TARDIS **EXPERIENCE**

    When the Doctor first touched the TARDIS console he said the ship was the most beautiful thing he'd ever known. And then he stole it, choosing to crash through the cosmos, saving people and planets and being taken where he needed to go by his frankly magnificent time machine.

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  4. Supernatural “Thor the Impala” **EXPERIENCE**
    Supernatural “Thor the Impala” **EXPERIENCE**



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  5. Arcade DLX/CMD
    Arcade DLX/CMD

    Facebook: @arcadedlx

    ARCADEDLX has been building custom home arcades for over 15 years. 

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  6. The Artist's Choice
    The Artist's Choice

    Original Comic Book Artwork

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  7. The Art of Dominic Glover
    The Art of Dominic Glover


    Freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer in Denver, Colorado that specializes in logo design, brand identity & Illustration.

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  8. Bad Kids Press
    Bad Kids Press

    Facebook: @BadKidsPress

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  9. Black Cape Comics
    Black Cape Comics


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  10. Boston Comics Roundtable
    Boston Comics Roundtable

    Facebook: @bostoncomicsroundtable

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  11. Bruno Illustration
    Bruno Illustration


    Original Comic Book Artwork

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  12. Capes & Crowns Foundation
    Capes & Crowns Foundation

    501(c)3 non-profit organization

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    CB Design WorksCBDESIGNWORKS specializes in original artwork in 2D and 3D formats. Please visit CBDESIGNWORKS on Facebook and at our Etsy store.
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  14. Chicago Costume
    Chicago Costume


    Chicago Costume has been outfitting residents of Chicago in simple to elaborate costumes since 1976

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  15. Chuck Load of Comics
    Chuck Load of Comics


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  16. End Zone
    End Zone

    Facebook: @Endzone-Collectibles-111927998881843

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  17. Extra Life
    Extra Life


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  18. Fangirl Frames
    Fangirl Frames


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  19. Focus Comic
    Focus Comic


    Focus is an autistic super hero, founded and created by Yvonne Wan (A Social Cultural Anthropologist & Autism Documentary film maker).

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  20. 501st Legion
    501st Legion


    The 501st Legion is an all-volunteer organization formed for the express purpose of bringing together costume enthusiasts under a collective identity within whi... See More

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  21. Gem City Books
    Gem City Books

    Gem City Books sells graphic novels, Manga and more! 
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  22. Golden Memories
    Golden Memories


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  23. Hand Over the Hero
    Hand Over the Hero
    To make people smile and bring high quality original artwork to personalize their things like laptops, cars, water bottles, etc at a reasonable price.
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  24. Heroes & Damsels
    Heroes & Damsels
    To become THE sought after "traveling" and online boutique, supplying only quality, well-designed, and "must-have" goods at reasonable prices.
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  25. Herofied


    Welcome to Herofied. I'm Rob Taylor and I suffer from creativity overload.

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  26. Hot Flips
    Hot Flips


    We make your stuff look good!

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  27. Ink Fusion Tattoo Empire
    Ink Fusion Tattoo Empire


    Where the Worlds of Tattooing and Pop Culture Collide

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  28. Inkwell Awards
    Inkwell Awards

    Facebook: @Inkwell.Awards

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  29. Jason Palmer Art
    Jason Palmer Art
    Best known for his Illustration art of Firefly, Star Wars, Once upon a Time and Indiana Jones.
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  30. Kugali


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  31. Larger than Life Toys
    Larger than Life Toys

    Facebook: @LargerThanLifeComics

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  32. Lily Bean
    Lily Bean

    Facebook: @lilybeancouturedesigns

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  33. Mirkywood Emporium
    Mirkywood Emporium
    Facebook: @MirkywoodEmporium
    Mirkywood Emporium is a family owned company specializing in handcrafted fantasy collectibles.
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  34. Misty Mountain Gaming
    Misty Mountain Gaming

    Twitter: @mistymtngaming

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  36. MTC Toys
    MTC Toys


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  37. Najarian Art
    Najarian Art


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  38. Nerd Merch NJ
    Nerd Merch NJ


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  39. PopFun Merchandising, LLC
    PopFun Merchandising, LLC

    Facebook: @Toon-Tumblers-187974747879

    PopFun is committed to producing quality licensed collectibles for the serious and experienced collector.

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  40. Propcustomz


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  41. Quarter Inch Seams
    Quarter Inch Seams


    Quarter Inch Seams is a small local business that specializes in all types of quilts and speciality items made from clothing.

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  42. Razor's Edge Collectibles
    Razor's Edge Collectibles

    Facebook: @ShopRazorsEdge

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  43. Rebel Legion
    Rebel Legion


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  44. Shield Labs
    Shield Labs

    Shield Labs makes Replica Props for cosplay and display.
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  45. SKG Retrogaming
    SKG Retrogaming
    Facebook: @skgretrogaming
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  46. Snowy Wings Publishing
    Snowy Wings Publishing


    Snowy Wings Publishing is an independent, author-driven publisher of Middle Grade, Young Adult and New Adult fiction

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  47. Stylin


    Welcome to Stylin Online!

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  48. 3D Printing by Muckychris
    3D Printing by Muckychris

    I see 3D printing as new artistic medium as well as a manufacturing platform. I haven't slept in 8 months.

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  49. Toynk


    Buy Collectibles, Toys, Costumes and More at Toynk.com

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  50. Welcome Back Comics
    Welcome Back Comics
    Facebok: @Welcomebackcomics
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  51. Wild Bill's Olde Fashioned Soda Pop Co.
    Wild Bill's Olde Fashioned Soda Pop Co.


    Wild Bill's Olde Fashioned Soda Pop Co. is more of a revival than a new brand

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Arizona 2019 | January 11-12-13

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