JaCo Tartaruga


Watercolor Artist - Rai, X-O- Manowar


Watercolor artist, comic book  enthusiast and movie fanboy, who enjoys creating random chaotic interpretations of characters in their dark nature. I started doing art since 2015 as a personal outlet since I have been in the creative world for almost 20 years as an architect. After some time, and by visiting different conventions, I've decided to explore the possibility of depicting characters in my own special way and bringing my work to the public. I always felt that if I were to join the art scene through comics, my art had to be different.
Through the recent years, I've grown my fan base to the point where my work is noticeably recognized by many attendees and fellow artist from the comic con scene.
Some of my greatest work are the Puerto Rican inspired art, such as "La Borinquena Llora", "Lloramos", "Destrozada", "Phoenix Borinquena" and many fan art.
Some of my recent published work are two variant covers "Rai #1 Variant Cover 2019 and the most recent Variant cover "X-O- Manowar #1" both published by Valiant.  

Arizona 2019 | January 11-12-13

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