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Brooklyn Born, Jay Peralta aka Atra Messor Art has always put his all into making art, for over 13 years and counting he has worked in all styles of art. From corporate logos and needs, to working with some of the best bands in the music industry creating artwork for merch including tshirts and album covers, to now creating art for himself and the fans while traveling around the country at Comic Cons.

Falling in love and now focusing on Digital Art Atra Messor is at the forefront of this exciting new medium, completely self taught and self motivated he grabs the audience attention with his own unique style ranging from "mash ups" putting celebrities into the roles they will play or want to play, concept art, pop culture art and more, his work is simply eye catching.

Jay Peralta’s artistic creations have begun to earn him praise among his peers and a devoted following and a name recognition that has him humbled and thankful at every event and convention he attends and prides himself on being approachable and genuine with everyone he meets. This is also one of the reasons he created Artist Club, a clothing label but also more than that a network to support all artist of all genres and mediums, from shouting out artists and cosplayers weekly to promoting shows for not just himself but other artists, He wants to bring community and positivity back into Artist Alley.

Jay Peralta/Atra Messor Art

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