Misty Mountain Gaming

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Far into the time of the fourth age and modern time. The legends of the ring bearers long forgotten. Humans rule over the earth and the other races are thought of as myth and part of children's stories. Deep in the misty mountains, a great dwarven kingdom by the name of Khazad*dûm (known to the humans as Moria) burns hot a forge long thought extinguished. The last descendants of Durin's folk, the great lineage of the dwarf kings, have spent centuries secretly keeping their craft alive. But now in present day Durin’s folk have ambitiously decided to bring forth their perfectly balanced metal dice to the world of man so that once again the great dwarven realm can be known to all and thrill seeking lovers of gaming can have access to the best dice in the realm. 

Arizona 2019 | January 11-12-13

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