Ron Leary Jr.


Artist - Hit-Girl, Kick-Ass, Vampirella, Heavy Metal Magazine, Nickelodeon Magazine, , Upper Deck (Marvel Premier, Fleer Ultra X-Men, Marvel Masterpieces)

*Appearing FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY is the official home to The Art Studio of Ron Leary Jr., a U.S based Illustrator on the east coast.

Ron’s introduction into the comics industry was back in the early 90’s with his creator own projects Tainted Blood and Vampire Bayne “Lord of the Night.”
Ron’s currently a cover artist for Zenescope and a Fine Art painter creating masterpieces for private collections. His body of work includes covers to Image comics’ Millar’s world Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass, Dynamite Comics' Vampirella, Heavy Metal Magazine, Nickelodeon magazine, Moonstone Books’ Skull and Bones, Darby Pop’s/IDW 7th Sword along with more independent producers as well.
Ron also illustrates original art for Upper Deck and Marvel (Marvel Premier, Fleer Ultra X-Men and Marvel Masterpieces). 
Beyond the comics Ron was a Concept Artist and Game Artist for the companies Hitpoint Games’ for Adera, Tynga games, Present Creative, Hasbro Monopoly Slot Machines, Lego Ninjago, Leap Frog’s Spongebob Squarepants “Best Friends” (A licensed artist for nickelodeon working on spongebob and fairly odd parents).
Ron is also a convention favorite for commission sketches. Doing live sketches and paintings at his table makes for an inspirational experience for the fan in all of us.
Pre-show Commission sketches and Fine Art Paintings spots are open until the week before the show. 
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