Ross Grifkin


Writer - After Life


After Life is a weekly comic strip that husband and wife team Ross and Tonya started working on in 2017.  It is the story about a man, Albert, that dies and finds himself in Hell.  Unfortunately he quickly learns the sad truth that there is no Heaven!  This strip starts off after some time has passed and Albert has started to date and meet other people in Hell.  He is ready to get back on the horse and into the dating world, and he will be damned if living in Hell, is going to stop him! Check in every week on our website or any social media outlet @afterlifecomic to see what crazy situation Albert has gotten himself into.
About the creators: Ross is the writer and has a dark sense of humor and has longed for an outlet to release his ideas.  As luck would have it, he created a comic, to do just that!  Tonya has been drawing since she was a child.  She had always wanted to work on a collaboration with her husband and when Ross pitched the idea to her she was hooked!  When she is not drawing demons, you can usually find her drawing dragons  

Arizona 2019 | January 11-12-13

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