Sukesha Ray




Sukesha grew up in a small town of Mechanicsburg, PA. She loved art from a very young age, and spent a lot of her days sketching and doodling all over her books and anything she could find. She loved video games and comic books, and started mimicking her style around fictional characters of her favorite series. She played around with pencil and pens for awhile, but then found a special love for drawing on the computer with a mouse. This sparked Sukesha's love and passion for digital art, changing her life forever.

For hours  Sukesha would sit on the computer, tweaking her drawings with precision using the standard computer mouse, when finally in middle school, her father bought her her first digital tablet for Christmas one year. The interface and design of the tablet was difficult for Sukesha to get accustomed to at first, but she trained herself in middle school, staying up until 3 or 4 in the morning... practicing and practicing.

She would post her tablet drawings on Deviantart, a popular image sharing site, however, she took a break from art for awhile and focused on her studies in high school and college. Growing up in a medical family inspired Sukesha to pursue the medical field, which has been her focus in school. It became difficult at one point for her to balance both, so that was yet another reason for Sukesha's art-break. While very passionate about medicine, there was a part of Sukesha that felt dead inside. She was longing to use the creative side of her brain, and she picked up her dusty tablet once again, and drew.

She started exhibiting at pop-culture conventions when she was a Junior in high school, where she sold her artwork and connected with friends and fans. Her pop-culture conventions have brought her all over the country, from LA Comic Con, to NYC Comic Con, Otakon in Maryland, and many more states. She was able to connect with celebrities, musicians, and other public figures through her travels who inspired her to dream big and never give up. She currently has been featured in LA Fashion Magazine as an artist spotlight, and now designs logos and collaborates with many businesses, producers, singers, and many other types of talent in the world. She branched out from her digital, traditional paint, and pencil background into the realm of street and graffiti art, in which she was blessed to be able to paint a wall in Miami's annual event, Art Basel 2016. In 2017, she expanded to create 3 large scale murals in Miami and Palm Beach, and during Art Basel, December 2018, she had her first solo exhibition aboard the SeaFair Megayacht (Muses Gallery).

She wants to make her dreams reality and fear never stops her from achieving her goals. Through her art, she was discovered by some big producers in Miami and thus launched her into a blossoming music career. She has written her own tracks and is currently collaborating with many musicians with regards to new music, and has released her first Spotify cover already, “What About Us”. She plans to release new music this year and collaborate with many of the world’s talent.

She lives fearlessly and her mission is to inspire everyone to believe in themselves, and especially do what they love.

Arizona 2019 | January 11-12-13

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