USS Wisconsin

The USS Wisconsin is an Official Chapter of STARFLEET, The International Star Trek Fan Association. (

Meet new friends and not only share the love of Star Trek, but the love of all things SCI-FI.

The USS Wisconsin (NCC 74915) is a Prometheus Class multi-vectored light tactical cruiser that is always looking for members of STARFLEET and civilian personnel to fill positions in all departments. STARFLEET, SFMC, SFSO positions can include E-1 to E-9 billets, Warrant Officer billets, and Officers Billets. Civilian positions can include entry level, specialists, and specialist leadership positions. For information on how to join the chapter, join STARFLEET, participate as a civilian, what positions are available, how to fill a position, or get answers to any questions you may have, feel free to contact FCAPT Leo Rogers at e-mail address:

You can always visit
and its many links to see what its all about and get a feel for a star trek to where no one has gone before is like. Join us or maybe a chapter closer to you, there's no telling how many new friends you will meet or where your STARFLEET journey will take you

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