Winged Coyote Designs


Jessica Halley is a freelance illustator whose travels have currently landed her in San Diego.  After completing two certificates at the Rhode Island School of Design, she created Winged Coyote Designs to focus on her projects in children's book and comics illustration which expanded into fandom based papercut artwork.  Her multidimensional pieces involve intricate interweaving designs, flickering lights, humor, and a healthy dose of nostalgia for the 80s and 90s, enticing people to take a piece of their childhood home.  A fan of broadening her horizons and learning new things, she also does ink and marker pieces to constantly test her mantra of 'no fandom is too random'.  You can check out her current projects on her Instagram @wingedcoyotedesigns.

Instagram: @wingedcoyotedesigns
Twitter: @wingedcoyoteart

Arizona 2019 | January 11-12-13

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